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On October 26, the Italian Ministry of Economic and Finance will participate in the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 (EBDVA) focused on the theme “Data and AI in action: sustainable impact and future realities”.

The event, which will be held in Valencia, Spain, from October 25 to 27, will be a useful opportunity to deepen the theme of responsible use of artificial intelligence and big data for the benefit of the public sector.

Glaciation: How to Integrate Energy Efficiency and Big Data Security”

The event “Harmonising Energy and Privacy in Big Data” is scheduled for September 22 in Klagenfurt, Austria, to explore the possibility of a model that integrates energy efficiency and security.

The ETAPAS project participates in the virtual matchmaking event organized by NOTIONES.

On September 15th at 10AM, the ETAPAS project, along with the European projects NOTIONES and popAI, will participate in a virtual matchmaking event that addresses issues related to the security of new technologies.

The ETAPAS project at the seminar "AI in Public Services - Social, Ethical and Legal implications"

At the seminar to be held on June 27th in Oslo, as part of the General Assembly of the ETAPAS project, there will be discussions on the opportunities and challenges related to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions in the public sector.

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