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Messaggio del Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica agli amministrati NoiPA sulle nuove opportunità di formazione e aggiornamento

Ri-formare la PA. Persone qualificate per qualificare il Paese” è il Piano strategico di formazione per i dipendenti pubblici: si parte con iscrizioni alle università a condizioni agevolate e potenziamento delle competenze digitali. Tutte le info su

Workshop: Disruptive Technologies in the Public Administration Sector

On November 25th, from 9.00 AM to 1 PM, the event "Disruptive Technologies in the Public Administration Sector: Legal challenges" will be held as part of the ETAPAS (Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services) project. Registration is open until November 22nd.

Green Pass Verification. A new NoiPA service for the verification of COVID-19 green certification

The Ministry of Economy and Finance provides a service to verify the green certification of public employees through the NoiPA platform.

NoiPA, users' safety first

The commitment of the NoiPA system to ensuring data security and privacy protection continues with regulatory and technological developments.

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Substitutes and firefighter volunteers: 24th December 2021 is the due date

Friday 24th December 2021 is the due date for the crediting of payments relating to the special issue of 13th December 2021 for short-term and occasional substitute staff and firefighter volunteers. The issue concerned the contracts that, as of 13th December 2021, had been authorised by the school secretariats and for which, at the same time, the State's General Accounting Office system had verified the availability of funds in the relevant expenditure chapters. Please note that credit institutions, as required by SEPA regulations, can credit individual current accounts from 00.00 until 24.00 of the same day.


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IO App: now available on Android and iOS stores

The IO app of the Italian Public Administration is now available with the open beta version and can be downloaded for free from Android and iOS app stores.

Open data: the information heritage of NoiPA available to everyone

Published a new update of the Open Data section of the NoiPA portal with the addition of a new dataset on withholding tax for credit claims.

Credenziali di accesso NoiPA: raccomandazioni per l’uso

Le credenziali di accesso al sistema NoiPA devono essere protette con la massima cura. Leggi le raccomandazioni per una corretta gestione della password e per difenderti dai tentativi di phishing.

NoiPA al Forum PA 2019, con il Ministro Tria

Il 15 maggio, alle ore 15.00, il convegno "La digital transformation della PA raccontata dai suoi protagonisti" - NoiPA presenta la docu-serie 'Ogni Santo 23' con la partecipazione del Ministro dell'Economia e delle Finanze.

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