Stakeholder and Institutional partners

The relationship with other institutions, both national and international, represents a fundamental element of NoiPA's daily work to increase the efficiency of the services provided and to make the relationship between public administration and the citizen more open and transparent. NoiPA, thanks to its collaborative and synergistic approach, guarantees security, innovation and a continuous evolution of the platform.

Lista degli Stakeholder
  • Agenzia per la coesione territoriale
  • Agenzia per la Rappresentanza Negoziale delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni
  • Presidenza del consiglio dei ministri
  • Commissione Europea
  • Funzione Pubblica
  • Agenzia oer l'Italia digitale
  • Istituto nazionale di statistica
  • Agenzia delle entrate
  • Inps e altri istituti di previdenza

NoiPA constantly strives to create new institutional relations and strengthen existing ones with the common goal of implementing national and European programs in terms of the Digital Agenda, improving the quality of the services provided by the Public Administration and thus increasing the national system and the well-being of citizens.


>Institutional Partners

NoiPA allows the complete interoperability of services and, through dedicated protocols, the exchange of information with other systems ensuring reliability, optimization of resources and security of transactions.
As part of the services provided and the regulatory requirements for the registered administrations, NoiPA activates exchange protocols with a significant number of institutional partners, such as:

NoiPA produces the CU model in electronic format for the staff of the administrations managed and provides for the direct transmission of the telematics flow. The system also prepares and transmits the simplified model 770 and, for the administrations managed via electronic payments, transmits the Irap declaration.

NoiPA transmits the spending information of the personnel of the Public Administration managed by the system; manages the economic-accounting data and processes the reports useful for the production of the Quarterly Annual and Monitoring Account.

NoiPA is a guarantor of the Identity Provider of the employees of the managed Administrations who, thanks to access to the "Get SPID" service available in the private area of the Portal, can request SPID credentials through a simplified procedure.

NoiPA transmits the remuneration and contributive reports and, for the administrations included in the state budget, makes direct payment of the quotas.

NoiPA provides for the electronic transmission of payment certificates for the administrations in the financial statements; of the flows envisaged as part of the cancellation / recall process of outgoing payments to the Bank of Italy. The system also provides for the periodic transmission and transposition of the flow for the automatic updating of the registry of banking institutions.

NoiPA develops and transmits the electronic flow regarding the union mandates signed by the personnel of the administrations managed for the purposes of ascertaining the union's representativeness by Iran pursuant to art. 43, paragraph 7, of Legislative Decree no. 165 of 2011.

NoiPA processes the flows for the purpose of managing the obligations for the purposes of self-liquidation of Inail positions.

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