The constant technological innovation of the platform is one of the main development axes of NoiPA. The Ministry of Economy and Finance, in fact, structures and coordinates projects aimed at improving the public administration and the services provided to citizens. NoiPA, in implementation of the AgID directives, is a constantly evolving service to represent the single management system of the all Public Administration personnel.

Descrizione Progetti

The path of technological evolution implemented by the Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation of the Department of General Administration of Personnel and Services of the Ministry of Economy and Finance has led to the creation of four highly innovative projects: Cloudify NoiPA, Sunfish, Poseidon and Structural Reform Support Service.


Each project, realized following a user-centered approach, focuses on the Public Administration users needs and their experiences.

Cloudify NoiPA

To create a unique PA staff management system, fully digitized and designed, focusing on users' needs.


To facilitate the secure sharing of data between Public Administrations through cloud solutions thus making the PA a driving force for innovation.


To offer a portal aimed at full application of EU directives in the management of sensitive data.

Structural Reform Support Service

To support the sustainable growth of EU countries through the design and implementation of structural governance reforms.

CreditoNet 2.0

To make the management on payrolls withholding and loans stipulated by NoiPA users safer and more efficient.