Cloudify NoiPA

Cloudify digital transformation program aims at evolving and expanding the services provided by NoiPA, extending the administrators to serve the entire Public Administration, generating significant savings for public spending.

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Descrizione Cloudify NoiPA

Cloudify NoiPA program will lead to the creation of a single personnel management system for the entire Italian Public Administration, allowing to increase the quantity and type of services currently provided by NoiPA, innovating the supply model and favoring a digital transformation path using new cloud and bid data paradigms.

Citazione Cloudify NoiPA

The end user is placed at the center of the development of new technologies, to allow simple and effective access to the services provided.

Cloudify NoiPA program, in implementation of the directives issued by the Agency for Digital Italy, aims to create a single and centralized management system to offer more efficient and easily accessible digital services to the Public Administration.

The project

The design of Cloudify NoiPA has foreseen the adoption of cloud models and the application of the Agile, DevOps and User-centered approach methodologies.


The project was implemented with the co-financing of the European Union, National Operational Program Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020 - ESF / ERDF.

Involved subject

The management of the program has been assigned to the Working Team of the Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation of the Department of General Administration of Personnel and Services of the MEF.

Programma Operativo Nazionale Governance e Capacità Istituzionale

Realizzato con il finanziamento del Programma Operativo Complementare al PON Governance e Capacità Istituzionale 2014-2020