ETAPAS is a research project funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, submitted by 14 different public and private sector organisations across Europe.

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The MEF coordination objectives on the ETAPAS (Ethical Technology Adoption in Public Administration Services) project are based on the creation of a framework consisting of ethical principles and a set of measurable indicators for the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other DTs.

ETAPAS aims to introduce an operational framework to provide an assessment methodology to measure and mitigate the ethical, social and legal risks of the application of Disruptive Technologies (DTs) in public sector organisations

In order to assess the impacts of DTs and the functionality of the framework, the project will be based on the implementation of 4 use cases that will be in the PA sector.


The framework will be tested on four use cases, with public organisations acting as pilots covering different sets of PA services and levels of outreach: · Big data for the public sector · Robotics for the health sector · Chatbots for municipalities · Artificial Intelligence/Big data.


The ETAPAS project, according to the Grant Agreement, started on November 1st 2020 and will end on October 31st 2023. The MEF took part to the initiative as Coordinator.


The total cost of the ETAPAS project is approximately 3 million euros.

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Universities and Research Institutions will be involved, participating in the definition of the solution for the qualification of seminars and opportunities to communicate the potential of the methodology.