DEO4PA - Digital Ethics Officer certified training program for European Public Administration is a project funded by the European Commission under the #Erasmus+ program. The goal of the project is to create a certified training path for an emerging professional figure within Public Administrations in the digital age: the Digital Ethics Officer (DEO).


The project, started in November 2023, aims to define the specific skills of the Digital Ethics Officer (DEO) in the public sector, in order to:

    • promote the sustainable, responsible, and safe use of new technologies, defining and disseminating a common training standard at the European level;
    • increase the knowledge of public officials and managers on ethics and technology in order to manage digitalization’s risks;
    • strengthen national and international collaboration to offer PA standardized and constantly updated training on the responsible use of technologies;
    • provide a unique definition at the European level of the figure of the Digital Ethics Officer for the public sector.

The role of MEF

MEF is the coordinator of the project and leader of two specific tasks related to the design of a Learning Teaching and Training Activities (LTTA) session and the organization of the final event in which the results of the project will be presented.

Main project stages

Below are the main stages planned within the project:

November 2023

Start of the
DEO4PA Project

14 November

Online Kick-off

24 January 2024

Learning Teaching
and Training Activities (LTTA) session in person in Rome

August 2024

Release of the
first version of the training curriculum for Digital Ethics Officer

April 2025

Finalization of the
Proof of Concept for the refinement and validation of the training curriculum, tested on a target of at least 60 stakeholders (at least 15 per country represented in the consortium)

October 2025

Final event of
Dissemination and Replicability of the Training Curriculum

October 2025

End of the project

Durata del progetto

2 Anni





Paesi coinvolti


All results will be available in open and free form on the following official platforms of the European Commission: