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SPID for free forever

AgID announces the agreement with the Identity Providers for the extension of free fee of level 1 and 2 of SPID, for all citizens.

Cloudify NoiPA Seminar Days: the progress and prospects of the digital transfromation program

The Directorate of Information Systems and Innovation (DSII) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance presented the progress of the Cloudify NoiPA digital transformation program.

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Information Assets

Open Data

Open Data NoiPA is a project created to make available, transparent and fully usable the extensive information assets managed by the Information and Innovation Systems Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Open Data

NoiPA Numbers

NoiPA Numbers

Analysis of the breakdown expenditure of the 5 main administrations for the year 2018

Counter NoiPA

Payroll December 2019

Salary expenditure December 2019
NoiPA Numbers

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Ogni Santo 23

Watch and share Ogni Santo 23, the first NoiPA docu-series, directed by Giovanni Piperno.

A nine-episode documentary about the process of NoiPA online platform digital transformation. The docu-series tells, in an honest and direct way, the work of the staff of the Directorate for IT Systems and Innovation (DSII) of the MEF that is leading one of the most complex processes of integration and cloud transition.

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Programma Operativo Nazionale Governance e Capacità Istituzionale

Realized with the co-financing of the European Union, NOP Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020 - ESF/ERDF