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Forum PA 2022: the country that restarts

The Department of General Administration, Personnel and Services of the Ministry of Economy and Finance participates in Forum PA 2022, from 14 to 17 June at the Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome.

The economic effects of the new National Collective Agreement for public employees applied in June

The contract provides a salary increase of about 105 euros on average for 13 monthly salary. The sums in arrears will be paid by 23 June.

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The fourth issue of 'PArliamo' is online

The fourth issue of 'PArliamo' is online, the newsletter of public employees with constantly updated information regarding the initiatives promoted by the PA and the issues of interest to public work. Download the new issue here:


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Open Data NoiPA is a project created to make available, transparent and fully usable the extensive information assets managed by the Information and Innovation Systems Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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NoiPA Numbers

NoiPA Numbers

Analysis of the breakdown expenditure of the 5 main administrations for the year 2019

Counter NoiPA

Numeri NoiPA i dati sono i seguenti: Cedolini nel periodo May 2022 = 1879250 Spesa per le retribuzioni nel periodo May 2022 = 6745199383
NoiPA Numbers

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Browse the Video NoiPA section to consult the tutorials and discover the quickest and easiest way how to use the services for administrators and operators, stay updated on the main innovations of the system with the Institutional Video section and watch all the episodes of "Ogni Santo 23", the web docu-series that describes the work of the DSII employees and the digital transformation process of NoiPA.

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Programma Operativo Nazionale Governance e Capacità Istituzionale

Realized with the co-financing of the European Union, NOP Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020 - ESF/ERDF

Women who are victims of violence and stalking can ask for help, support and receive information through the toll-free number 1522, promoted by the Prime Minister’s Office - Department for Equal Opportunities, active 24 hours a day and accessible from all over the country. The telephone assistance allows a gradual approach to services with an absolute guarantee of anonymity.

The MEF Guarantee Committee