Services dedicated

The wide range of services offered in self-service mode follows a categorization useful for flexible and integrated management of all aspects related to the working life of employees.

Personal Data

Thanks to the dedicated services each administered registered in the system has the opportunity to update its personal data quickly and online, without passing through the responsible offices.

Management of tax residence and domicile

To modify information on tax residence and domicile easily and completely.

Civil status and family management

To manage all the personal aspects related to marital status and family members.


With the salary services the administrators can manage, with a few simple clicks and in total security, information and requests related to remuneration.

Paystub and CU consultation

To consult and save on your device, the coupons or the Single Certification (CU) over an archive containing the history of the last 5 years.

Management of collection procedures

To report how you want to collect your salary by modifying the data relating to the payment method previously communicated.

Under construction

Management of checks for the family nucleus

To present and monitor the family allowance request independently.

Bonus Management IRPEF DL 66/2014

To communicate the renunciation of the benefit or revoke a previous renunciation made.

Management of dependent family allowances

To request deductions for dependent family members and take advantage of the tax benefits required by current legislation.

Viewing school contracts

To consult the summary of contracts, Inps disbursements and payments made by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Under construction

Employee deduction management

To make the renunciation or restoration of deductions for dependent work.

Under construction

IRPEF rate management

To submit a request to change the IRPEF rate compared to the one already applied by the system.

Under construction

IRPEF payment management

To request for yourself, or for the spouse in the event of a joint declaration, the cancellation or reduction of the amount related to the second or single payment IRPEF and to the second or single payment of flat-rate income tax.


The Public Administration personnel, through the acces to the private area of NoiPA platform, is able to autonomously handle several aspects related to attendance management.

Time Card view

To view all the information related to the attendance and absence situation

Overtime authorization management

To require the authorization for overtime work, from the single day to cumulative referring to a longer period.

Shifts view

To visualize the shifts plan, the information regarding day and time and description of the shift.

Managing surplus

To manage surplus of hours worked by the employee.

Omitted clocking in/out management

To require to the supervisor the authorization to insert an absent clocking in/out.

Absences and leaves management

To insert in the system the reasons of the absence in order to guarantee a correct fruition of the leave.

Abolished holidays and breaks management

To present, in a complete autonomous way, the request for abolished holidays or breaks to the supervisor.

Under construction

Supportive break management

To insert the request or transfer leaves and supportive breaks according to the current regulation.


In the private area of the NoiPA portal, the staff of the participating Public Administrations can easily and quickly manage numerous aspects of social security management.

Complementary pension management

To join a pension fund that supports the compulsory retirement scheme in line with the relevant Contracting Area.

Social security dashboard

To consult the contributory situation declared by NoiPA and request specific assistance.

Loans And Conventions

NoiPA makes available to the administrated services to present requests for loans and access to conventions from the comfort of home.

Small loan

To apply for a small loan to the INPS - management of the former INPDAP and receive the credit of the amount on the current account, with the consequent application of the deduction on the salary slip without the need to go to your administration or at the offices INPS.


To settle the payment directly on your salary following the stipulation of an insurance policy RC Cars / motorcycles / boats with the affiliated companies.

Under construction

Payment delegations management

To enter or change requests for payment delegations to a private institution.

Under construction

Management of payment delegations for non-profit organizations and extraordinary events

To make or suspend a request for a payment delegation in favor of a non-profit organization or other beneficiary in the event of extraordinary events in accordance with current legislation.

Legal Status

NoiPA will provide to the administrated services to independently manage part-time requests, resignations, transfers and monitor service status.

Under construction

Part-time management

To independently enter a new part-time instance, edit an existing instance or submit a full-time restore request.

Under construction

Resignation management

To submit a request for resignation by inserting the effective date of the resignation presented and, if there are several employment relationships, choosing the reference one.

Under construction

Service status management

To consult the information in your status at a certain date, request the release of your status and report any anomalies to the competent office.

Under construction

Transfer management

To submit, modify or monitor the request for temporary, permanent transfer or mobility to another administration.


NoiPA will allow the administrated to manage information, refunds and supporting documents related to work missions online.

Under construction

Missions management

To create or update the mission and manage the related information.

Under construction

Missions refund management

To present refund requests by inserting or updating the elements and proofs of purchase of the mission.

Under construction

Corporate credit card

To require or renounce to the card.


NoiPA will provide to the administrated with a service that will make it possible to predict the effects of the adoption of part-time work from a legal point of view and the time frame.

Under construction

Part-time effects simulation

To view, with a monthly and annual detail, the exhaustive summary of all the re-proportions made on the basis of the legal percentage and the specific hourly articulation of the administration.

Other Services

NoiPA provides the administrated with additional services to be managed and monitored online at any time.

Performance review

To monitor the evaluation and self-assessment system of performance and behavior in line with the objectives defined by the administration.