Information Assets

Strengthening the culture of transparency in Italian public administrations is one of the strategic assets on which the development of NoiPA is based. The platform shares the data managed with citizens and administrations, thus representing the key to monitor the PA on a daily basis and intercept its future needs.

Descrizione patrimonio informativo parte 1

NoiPA, in implementation of the National Guidelines for the Valorisation of the Public Information Patrimony prepared by AgID, shares and makes transparent the data capital resulting from the management of the PA staff. The system works constantly to make information a collective good, accessible and usable for everyone. The managed data become, in fact, a precious resource for both decision makers and data scientists who, starting from the analysis, have the possibility to structure solutions aimed at national well-being.

We do not accumulate data, we create knowledge by sharing information.

Seconda parte descrizione patrimonio informativo

NoiPA, in order to facilitate data interoperability, shares a fully digitalised information heritage, thus participating in an innovation process involving the entire country.

Open Data

To guarantee the implementation of the basic principles of open government, focusing on open data, always up-to-date and accessible in complete transparency.

Numeri NoiPA

Per offrire a tutti i cittadini, al di là delle competenze specifiche, dati comprensibili facendo così della trasparenza una pratica costante della piattaforma.