Descrizione Catalogo dei servizi

NoiPA system offers a service catalogue built upon users' needs and ensures that Public Management and Administrative activities are delivered according to the principles of efficiency, transparency and ease of use. The whole range of services provides advanced technological solutions, which are also adaptable and modular to the needs of the Public Administration. As a result, the catalogue is continuously updated to broaden the service offering thanks to the use of advanced technological solutions able to meet any kind of PA request.

Legal services, time & attendance

including the management of legal and regulatory matters, as well as the verification of presence/ absence of PA staff.

Salary services

including the computation of salaries and all connected tax obligations.

Human Capital Management

including all services peculiar to PA staff professional growth.

Additional services

including the management of specific services that integrate and increase NoiPA offering.

Legal services, time and attendance

Legal and time and attendance services represent an integrated solution that is capable of quickly and flexibly managing all aspects connected to the work relationship between Public Administration and employees.

Employee Files

computerized management of all employees files.

Disciplinary Actions

computerized management of administrative measures and related actions.


management of paygrade related processes on the basis of the work relationship with the PA.

Time and Attendance

management of PA staff attendance, related economic impact and payslip run.

NoiPA system offers legal and time and attendance solutions which can be easily set up and parameterized.

In full compliance with the current regulations, this service allows to completely manage PA staff contractual positions and information contributing to the definition of paygrades, as well as daily/ monthly data related to work performance. The service also combines and integrates the management of economic aspects with any information.

NoiPA guarantees full traceability of PA staff personal data and allows workflows simplification eliminating paperwork and duplicated content.

Legal and time and attendance services enable quick and easy management of PA staff, also thanks to the introduction of monitoring functionalities on both the operative and authorizing phases of the PA processes.

Salary services

NoiPA system offers an integrated salary service that covers all the aspects necessary for the salary payment of the PA employees.

Fixed salary and additional payment

for the management of the payslip of the Public Administration employees

Pension and tax treatment

for the processing of the social security and tax deductions applied to the salary.


to administer the economic effects deriving from the reduction of working time.

Statements and reports

for the compiling and reporting of accounting transactions relating to individual employees.

The platform provides the Administrations with innovative solutions for running the monthly payslip and related obligations. The system guarantees the application and updating of the current legislation on employees remuneration.

Moreover, NoiPA is able to manage the accounting and statistical aspects related to the salary management, guaranteeing control and monitoring of the public spending systems.

Using NoiPA's salary services, the Administrations benefit from a flexible and simple personnel management system. NoiPA also offers to the administrators a quick and safe way to consult the payslip.

Human Capital Management

The enhancement of the Human Capital of Administrations represents a strategic lever for the growth of the country.

Performance and behavior

to monitor performance in relation to the objectives defined by the Administration.


to constantly support the skills development plan.


to support the administrations in the management of bankruptcy proceedings.

NoiPA system provides the Administrations with a new module for the definition of the objectives and monitoring the performance and behavior of employees, thereafter modules for the definition of specific training programs and for the management of competitions will be available.

Additional services

In addition to employees management services, NoiPA will gradually make available a series of additional services for Administrations and PA staff making all aspects of working life just a click away.


to support staff mission process

Meal Vouchers

to provide an integrated meal voucher management service

Holiday Plan

to simplify the management of holiday planning for staff

The platform, thanks to a modular design, will allow the integration of additional services for the management of specific needs, such as missions, meal vouchers and vacation planning.

With the services offered by NoiPA, employees process management will become simple and fast.

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