Performance Evaluation Module

NoiPA, in implementation of the Guidelines issued by the Funzione Pubblica Department, has developed the digital Performance Evaluation module, a system that supports PA employees in their assessment and self-assessment actions through a standardized and transparent process. The Module can be customised according to the needs of each Administration and can also be used by entities that are not yet part of the NoiPA world.

Descrizione valutazione delle performance

The new platform for performance evaluation will soon be ready: the new service available to all Administrations on NoiPA to support individual performance evaluation.

The Funzione Pubblica Department, in collaboration with the MEF, has developed the Guidelines for the Performance Measurement and Evaluation System, according to which each PA will have to equip itself with a model for evaluating the skills of its resources, making available the processes of self-assessment and evaluation of the performance achieved.

NoiPA has therefore designed and developed the Performance Assessment Module which will be a fundamental tool to support employees and entities in the phases and processes of evaluation inherent to individual performance. In addition, the aim of the module is to provide support in organizational improvement processes, enhancing individual skills, responding to the principles of job analysis and job rotation.

NoiPA has created an evaluation system focused on the individual, flexible and configurable to meet needs such as goal evaluation and competence mapping.

The Performance Evaluation Module therefore represents a significant step forward in the enhancement of the human capital of the PA and the professionalism that make it up, as well as making the organizational logic of women and men in the Italian public administration more effective.

At the end of the testing phase, started in October, following the launch of the prototype of the Platform on the Cloudify NoiPA portal, the performance evaluation module will be accessible to all Italian PA, not only those participating in the NoiPA system.

Administrations interested in joining the platform can express their interest by contacting the Office IV Directorate of Information Systems (DSII) of the Department of General Affairs (DAG), Personnel and Services of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, by writing to

Customization of roles

Configuration of roles in the system and definition of custom hierarchical structures

Flexibility and Interoperability

Flexible platform capable of ensuring interoperability with technologically and functionally heterogeneous systems

Customization of processes and phases

Through the possibility of configuring configuring every single step of the process, each administration will be allowed to manage the evaluation processes according to its needs.

Regulatory Framework

D.lgs. n. 286/1999

D.lgs. n. 150/2009

D.lgs. n. 74/2017

Performance Plan Guidelines

Presentation Performance Evaluation Module

Presentation Performance Evaluation Module

The Module was presented at the seminar days of Cloudify NoiPA: the PA digital transformation program, held between 1 and 2 October 2019.

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