Presence / Absence Management and Personal Badge

A service for time and attendance management and daily and monthly employee’s data management. The system is able to process timesheet, monitoring real time attendance and the impact on economic management.

NoiPA provides solutions that enable governments to dispose of real-time data and automate business processes for the management of all aspects related to time and attendance, in the context of transparency and staff monitoring.

Employees can use self-service functionalities to view their timesheet, as well as make requests for holidays and other permits.

By joining the service, moreover, the system allows to manage also the external employees working in the PA location, through the assignment of temporary and permanent badges.

Supporting tools for the external entities obligations, such as Public Administration and RGS-IGOP will also be available.

Management of stamps

Monitoring personnel time and attendance, using the clock-management forwarded by the real-time administrations.

Overtime, bonuses and meal vouchers

Management of the monthly number of hours and overtime authorizations. Allocation of allowances and meal voucher accrued by the employee, according to the rules established by the administration.

Part-time management

The system manages different types of part-time, calculating the appropriate remuneration