Employee File

Once completed, the still-ongoing digitalization of Employees Files will allow to digitalize all working life events of PA staff; examples include paygrades and professional profiles, legal positions in combination with professional growth, the assignment to the different PA structures, decrees and administrative acts, pension and payout incentive or severance pay, etc.

With the Employee File, the whole information related to PA staff will be just a click away.

The system will allow the computerized administration of the staff working life information.

More efficient

Improving the efficiency of Public services through the digitalization of information.

Always Accessible

Providing a single point of access to personal, legal and attendance data, as well as to digital documents.

The system will allow the Public Administrations to manage the Employee File containing career path and employee’s skills

Career path just a click away

Archiving for consultation all legal and financial career steps of the staff.

The value of Know-How

Allowing the storage and consultation of the career path of any PA staff member.