In line with the specific objectives defined by the Three-year Plan for IT in the Public Administration and thanks to the experience gained in the public innovation sector, DSII continues to focus its attention on new technologies as a driving force for the country's economic development.

Descrizione Tecnologie

NoiPA, in order to provide safe and efficient services, is constantly monitoring the latest technological solutions and verifies the usefulness and application methods to the platform. In recent years, cloud computing, blockchain and other application solutions are the pillars on which NoiPA is building its evolution and updating its catalog of services.

Cloud computing

To ensure higher quality and usability of services, improving operational efficiency through the adoption of flexible, reliable and scalable architectures.


To guarantee the security of users' data and their interoperability among all those belonging to the NoiPA World.

Application Solutions

To guarantee the development of innovative solutions to adapt to the public administration needs.