Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been adopted for the design of NoiPA because able to fulfil the efficiency objectives and greater scalability of the services.

Descrizione Cloud Computing

The cloud model has been the focus of NoiPA since its first applications in the international arena, because it allows to improve operational efficiency and achieve significant economies of scale, responding to the demand of increasingly demanding and numerous users. Moreover, the Cloud allows to pursue and implement targeted policies to contain public spending.
The cloud model adoption has stimulated the evolution of software architecture towards micro-services applications: each service is thus dimensionable and usable in an independent way, allowing to significantly increase the performance of the system as a whole and at the same time improving usability.

Agility and scalability

Allows the use of the system according to the needs of the moment and the sizing of resources proportional to the real diffusion of the service.

Constant monitoring

Allows the centralization of infrastructural resources and the sharing of investments on an increasing number of users, always offering a prompt control of the resources used.

Multi-tenancy and security

It offers the possibility to provide services preserving the confidentiality and access security and users privacy is guaranteed through to the centralization of data and distributed authentication.