NoiPA has developed technological solutions using opportunities provided by Blockchain in order to ensure data interoperability and provide the highest security of the managed information.

Descrizione Blockchain

When NoiPA chose Cloud Computing as a technological development vector of the platform, it was quite natural to identify within the Blockchain a useful technology to further increase the system in terms of security and reliability. The development of applications based on Blockchain technology was, in fact, the focus of two important projects: Sunfish and Poseidon.
The use of the Blockchain allows administrations to share data without, however, disclose to sensitive operators the individual operators, ensuring, at the same time, the provision of salary services and the confidentiality of user information. It also allows public and private organizations to fully implement the principles contained in the General Regulation on Data Protection of the European Union (GDPR), guaranteeing users the portability of data, the right to access, the right to be forgotten and to restriction of the processing of personal data.

Guaranteed confidentiality

The application of Blockchain guarantees new methods for the management of confidential data, minimizing the possibility of attacks or the dispersion of information.

Constant interoperability

The use of Blockchain allows to increase the types and the possibilities of interoperability between the system and the subjects belonging to the NoiPA World.

More reliable services

The application of Blockchain allows us to offer services able to cover ever-larger groups of users, offering an efficient model in terms of privacy, monitoring and data management.