Application solutions

The application solutions on which NoiPA works have the objective to keep improving its core services, responding more effectively to the needs of the PA and citizens

Descrizione Soluzioni Applicative

The evolution of digital technology in the last decade is increasingly transforming the services and assistance offered by NoiPA platform. Even historical services, such as presence detection and end users assistance, are still improving. Biometric recognition - also according to the new regulatory guidelines - will be introduced to meet increasingly demanding criteria of transparency and efficiency of the Public Administration in order to make the presence detection service safe and reliable. At the same time, Artificial Intelligence is one of the carriers on which the platform is investing to improve remote assistance in the near future through increasingly intelligent and adaptable chatbots, capable of guiding the user in a practical, fast and intuitive way towards the news and information he/she really needs.

Transparency at the tip of the finger

Biometric recognition will allow a precise presence detection, easy to use and will guarantee PA transparency and reliability.

A bot as assistant

The AI will offer assistance through chatbot more and more able to answer to specific user requests, understanding real needs and learning from habits and recurring requests.

Historic services, new solutions

Application systems allow to deeply innovate NoiPA historical services, always keeping pace with new technologies evolution, thus guaranteeing a constant growth of the platform and of the entire public administration.