With the consolidation of new technological paradigms, new methods have been established, aimed at supporting NoiPA development processes, thus promoting continuous evolution of the provided services.

Descrizione Metodologie

The NoiPA platform is built to guarantee services designed on the basis of user needs. Thanks to the application of User Centricity, co-design, Agile and DevOps methodologies, NoiPA platform answers to frequent adaptations and constantly involves citizens, administrations and stakeholders. The application of these methodological approaches makes it possible to increase the quality of services, guaranteeing increasingly effective workflows and a continuous adaptation of usability to the citizens needs.

User centricy & co-operation

To offer a system increasingly designed around users' needs and experiences.


To increase the quality, adaptability, efficiency and modularity of the system.


To ensure constant collaboration and integration between software developers and hardware systems engineers in the implementation phase of new services.