Within a view to continuous improvement of services dedicated to people, NoiPA platform was designed following "Agile Project Management" with the aim of guaranteeing constant user satisfaction and increasing productivity.

Descrizione agilie

Agile approach, adopted to realize NoiPA, has allowed an effective management and control of the development phase of complex software products subject to frequent adaptations. The requirements analysis for the development of the system was carried out together with the final users of the services, allowing, therefore, to introduce timely improvements at every stage of the project. With this methodology, in fact, the management of software development, traditionally sequential and oriented to the realization of a single final product, was carried out through the use of the Scrum framework, which decomposed the implementation of the product into a manageable number of sub- independent products, more easily developed and tested.


Users have been invited, at regular intervals, to provide feedback on the features being developed. This has contributed to ensuring the effectiveness of the results and the quality of the solutions provided.


The iterative approach has accelerated the development and release of system components thus ensuring lower costs and greater time to market.


The possibility to reprogram the activities at each iteration, until obtaining a satisfactory product evaluation in relation to the requirements, has significantly reduced error possibility.