NoiPA platform was developed by adopting a DevOps methodology, extension of Agile, aiming to involve already in the implementation stage the operators in the management and maintenance of the system and focusing on communication and constant collaboration and integration between software developers and hardware systems engineers to offer more efficient services to users.

Descrizione devops

Thanks to DevOps methodology, NoiPA platform has been realized balancing the needs for continuous releases of the development teams with the need to offer stability and security of the management teams. This approach has simplified, standardized and automated the software development process, both in terms of management and maintenance. In fact, the time needed for the realization of technological solutions have been reduced and a high quality of the final product guaranteed.

Constant improvement

The adoption of the Agile model within DevOps, based on an incremental model, allowed to guarantee a progressive increase in the quality of the services provided.


The reduction of distances between development and management has ensured coordination and comparison at every stage of the implementation process.


The complete automation of the process ensured the easy repeatability of releases, eliminating errors during installation.