angle-left The procedure of first log in to NoiPA

The procedure of first log in to NoiPA

All the information to perform the procedure of first log in to NoiPA and use all its services.

The procedure of first log in to NoiPA has undergone some changes over time. In particular, at a time when fraud and phishing attempts have increased, it has become necessary to make more secure the way of acquiring credentials to access the private area of the portal for the first time.

Let's see together how the methods of first access have changed.

Entering data in the registry
In order to access the system for the first time it is necessary that the Administration to which you belong has entered your personal data, e-mail address and mobile phone number, if any, in the NoiPA system. After entering the data, you will receive an email with the sender "NO Reply NoiPA" informing that the email address has been entered.

The request for the access password
At this point the administrator must request a password reset, using the Assistance form in the Support section of the portal, attaching a valid identity document.
The following values must be selected in the support form:
Area: IT technical support;
Theme:: site / user management tools;
NoiPA Portal: password / personal data.
Once the request has been sent, the user will receive a new e-mail with the instructions to confirm the request for assistance. Only after the confirmation the request will be correctly sent to the assistance service.

Access to the private area and completion of the data
After successfully completing the request for assistance, you will receive a temporary password on the email address indicated at the time of registration to log in for the first time. As soon as you log in to the NoiPA system, the password change form will appear and must be completed.
Once the form has been filled in, you will be able to access the personal area where, through the "Change personal data" function, you must proceed with:

  • Verify your e-mail;
  • Insertion of the secret application for a possible future password recovery;
  • Verification of the mobile phone number through an interrupted call.

What if I didn't get the e-mail?

It is possible that, after entering the data in the registry, the administrator may not receive the e-mail because he has not communicated his e-mail address, because the e-mail address communicated is incorrect or for other reasons related to technical problems of the mail manager; in all these cases you will need to contact the Employee Identification Manager of your service office to communicate your e-mail address again and start the process described above.

Watch the tutorial video on the YouTube NoiPA channel.