NoiPA history starts from afar. Since its establishment, the Ministry of the Treasury, now the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), provides for the payment of the salaries of the Public Administration.

70 years of innovation, a more efficient service, the PA closer to citizens.


Treasury orders are completed by hand.

The pen is still used Treasury orders are completed by hand.


Economic boom The first Remington Rand electromechanical machines come into operation thanks to the benefits of the Marshall Plan.


Automation The mechanization operations of the salaries realized progressively with the second generation computer systems start.


Innovation The new UNIVAC 9300 equipped with magnetic tape is introduced and the Data Processing Center for system management is born in Latina.


Digitalization Personal computers are wide spread, the first applications become completely interactive and databases are centralized.


Online Services and Digitalization of Paystubs The Service Treasury personnel (SPT) is born, as the first digital service for over 1.500.000 people who working public administration, and while exploiting the potential of the web, the complete removal of paystubs is carried out.


Single Paystub The Single Paystub is introduced: it is a unified delivery system of standard and supplementary services to the staff of the State administrations.


NoiPA The realization of the new NoiPA information system begins, which is a natural evolution of the SPT. With NoiPA, the range of services provided is extended and the number of managed staff is extended.


NoiPA and Health Services The NoiPA opens its services to the management of public health staff. With the launch of the new legal services, an increasingly complete and integrated service is offered.


NoiPA: The Enabling Platform AgID defines the three-year plan for information technology in Public Administration and assigns to NoiPA the role of being an enabling platform, strategic for the development of the Public Administration. The Cloudify project is born for the evolution of the NoiPA system.

A story of innovation, the future of PA begins today, let's build it together

Today the new NoiPA portal is on-line; a user-centric portal, managing all the information of PA staff.