Public Administrations

NoiPA electronically manages all administrative processes dedicated to staff, actively participating in the process of digitalization of the PA. The system centrally administers the processes of updating national bargaining, processing of the paystub and related obligations, allowing to streamline and improve the efficiency of the activities carried out by the staff offices. NoiPA, for budget administrations, provides for the direct payment of salaries to the Bank of Italy and withholding taxes due to credit institutions and social security institutions. For administrations outside the state budget, however, NoiPA provides for the preparation of the streams for the payment of salaries and for the management of related obligations.

Descrizione Amministrazioni

The Administrations that today are part of the NoiPA World are more than, for an audience of managed users of over 2 million.

As established by the Three-Year AgID Plan, "the administrations cannot incur expenses for the acquisition of autonomous solutions, or for evolutionary adaptations of applications, which provide similar functionalities to those offered by enabling platforms".

Pursuing the principle of rationalization of public spending, in fact, the evolution of the NoiPA system is underway with a view to enlarging the number of administrations served and increasing the quantity and type of services made available.
The platform offers digital solutions that can be modulated according to the specific bargaining area, providing highly personalized personnel management services to the participating administrations.

The system guarantees the possibility of operating with a process view both on the individual services and transversally to all the activated components.

NoiPA ensures the correct management of all sectors and areas of national collective bargaining as envisaged by ARAN.

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Ministries, Presidency of the Council of Ministers
School, research institutes
Police, DAP, Financial Police
Tax Agencies
Armed Forces, Port Authority
Local authorities, authorities, other

Scarica l'elenco delle Amministrazioni gestite

Tools for operators

With NoiPA, the operators of the personnel offices of the Administrations can access the platform in absolute safety and in compliance with the current legislation regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR).


Identifying with a strong authentication mechanism, operators can act on the system using the features associated with the specific profile assigned. To access the portal, in fact, it is necessary to have the credentials of the Digital Identity Public System (SPID) or the National Services Card (CNS).

Massive operations

NoiPA facilitates the operators' activities by offering flexible solutions to massively fill, in complete autonomy, the data of the personnel of its Administration. Operators, moreover, have the possibility to monitor the work carried out.