Green Pass Verification

The new service offered by the NoiPA system supports Administrations to verify the possession of the Covid-19 green certification by employees, in full compliance with the current legislation about security.

The "Green pass verification" service makes information on the validity of the green pass available for all employees, through a color coding (green for the valid certificate, red for the invalid certificate), in full compliance with the protection of personal data and high levels of security. Information on the validity of COVID-19 green certifications is acquired by the National Platform - Digital Green Certificate (PN-DGC) of the Ministry of Health.

Who Can Verify

The top manager of each administration is the person who is in charge of control, with the possibility to involve other collaborators in relation to the sizing of the structures and the presence of one or more decentralized offices.

How the service works

The service uses the PN - DGC to harvest information relating to the validity of green certifications - COVID 19 at the time of querying the platform. The information is retrieved during the night, therefore in the case of changes occurring after the last query of the platform, the validity status of the certifications must be verified using alternative methods.

How the checking works

The persons in charge of checking by each Administration access the private area of the NoiPA portal using second level SPID credentials at least, the National Services Card or the Electronic Identity Card.

Access is only allowed to information regarding the administrators associated with the Service Office for which the authorization was requested, according to what is registered in the NoiPA system.

The person in charge of verification can consult the presence or absence of COVID-19 green certifications:

  • based on the personal data of the employee to be checked;
  • selecting from a list the tax codes of employees for whom access to the workplace is expected on the day the verification is carried out.

The information will be highlighted through a color coding (green for the valid certificate, red for the invalid certificate).

Methods of activation

According to art. 1 comma 11 DPCM of October 12th, the Administrations must send a request for enabling the service, via certified e-mail, to of the Information Systems and Innovation Department of the Department of General Administration, Personnel and Services of the MEF, also indicating the telephone number and e-mail address of the person in charge of coordinating the verification activities, for any subsequent communication. The subject of the certified e-mail must necessarily be the following: "GREEN PASS ACTIVATION REQUEST".

The DSII will send a file in Excel format with the information to be filled in for the subjects to be enabled, for each service office or headquarters registered in NoiPA for the requesting Administration; the file, filled in with the tax codes of the personnel selected for verification, must be sent, in the same format, to the certified email address: The certified e-mail must necessarily have as its object: "GREEN PASS VERIFICATION SERVICE - VGP ROLE".

Once the appropriate checks have been carried out, the DSII will send a communication with the outcome of the activation, with an indication of any anomalies.

The service will be enabled within four working days from the date of receipt of the request.

Guide to the request for authorization


to enable the service by sending a communication to the certified email address with the subject: "GREEN PASS ACTIVATION REQUEST"


the file in Excel format sent by NoiPA with the list of service offices or offices registered in the system, completing, for each of them, the information relating to the person in charge of the assessment to be enabled to use the service


The file at the address indicating as object "GREEN PASS VERIFICATION SERVICE - VGP ROLE" and wait for confirmation of the enabling


The service by accessing the private area of the NoiPA system with SPID credentials of at least level 2, National Service Card or Electronic Identity Card


For any information on the service please contact the email address or the telephone assistance service at +39 06-41722722